Genting Orchid Farm-Fresh Orchid-Orchid plants-Malaysia’s Orchid

Gotong Jaya Orchid Farm – World of Phalaenopsis

Being the only and largest Phalaenopsis orchid specialized grower in Malaysia, They produce a wide range of Phalaenopsis for everyone to choose from.

With the opening of new 5.2 acres farm in Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands. Just after Police check at Gotong Jaya town, Opposite road of Dato Lim Goh Tong Memorial Park. Not far away from Genting Permai Resort, just about 10 minutes drive away.

Come and explore with a fresh new experiences in the farm. There are so variaties of orchids to choose from. You also can purchase seeding, potted flower or specially design for gift at very reasonable price.
With prices starting from RM3 for seedlings and RM6 for potted plants, everyone will have the opportunity to own one.

Just bring along your camera and capture the real true essence of orchids that exisited in these place. I found that it is very educational for orchid lovers and you can learn how to care for your orchid at home.
Before you leave, asked for a copy of article ” How to Care for Orchids” at the reception couter.

The farm are opened to the public 7 days a week with the operating hours 9.00 am – 5.00 pm

Introduction to Phalaenopsis Orchid

Phalaenopsis originate from the jungles of Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines. Their roots are quite thick and often they climb out of the pots, and the green point at the ends signifies that the root is actively grow-ing. Unlike most of the orchid, mature plants usually carry only four to five pair of leaves. The flowers of some species are large and often resemble the shape of moths which is why the species are sometimes called Moth orchids.

History and Foreword

Waltex Biotec Sdn Bhd was formed in February 27, 2006 by its’ founder, Steven S.H. Cheong, after six (6) successful years of researching, cultivating and propagating Phalaenopsis. A hobbyist, who first dipped his fingers in planting Dendrobiums, Vandas and Phalaenopsis back in 1970s, Steven started his collection of moth orchids in his own backyard few years ago. His passion for the beautiful but highly elusive Phalaenopsis led to a thorough and extensive research of growing this prized orchid in the most challenging of environments. Steven traveled, on many occasions, to several countries including USA, Canada, Hawaii, Holland, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia and visited numerous orchid exhibitors and professional growers to gain a deeper understanding of this plant.

After seeing the huge potential of developing the hobby into business, six acres of agricultural land was acquired in Ulu Yam in 2006, a suburb just 40 minutes away from the heart of Kuala Lumpur and which is aptly named “World of Phalaenopsis”. Years of knowledge and experience were shared to this farm to successfully grow the Phalaenopsis on a larger scale.

With the opening of the 2nd farm located in Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands with a total growing area of 1.6 acres in January 2009, Waltex Biotec Sdn. Bhd. has become the largest phalaenopsis grower in Malaysia. Waltex Biotec Sdn. Bhd. aims to revolutionize the agriculture industry in Malaysia with both farms being opened to the public and tour groups where visitors are able to view and purchase the flowers.

To increase the audience awareness, the company has been aggressively marketing and advertising on the appropriate medias and attending exhibitions nationwide (click here for the latest exhibition venue). In addition, Waltex Biotec Sdn. Bhd. is part of the following associations:

Ipoh Orchid Society

Selangor & Kuala Lumpur Orchid Society

Orchid Society of South East Asia (Singapore)

American Horticultural Society

America Orchid Society

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21 Responses to “Genting Orchid Farm-Fresh Orchid-Orchid plants-Malaysia’s Orchid”

  1. Habidin Bardin Says:

    What is your wholesale price for the Palaenopsis tray (12 or 11 wholes) and the minimum quantity order.

  2. […] Genting Orchid Farm-Fresh Orchid-Orchid plants-Malaysia’s Orchid March 20102 comments 5 […]

  3. nice pic..nice place..

  4. Iqbal Chundrigar Says:

    I will be visiting Malaysia from 7th to 14th March and would like to buy orchid plants. Please send me your species available and prices.

    • Greeting from Genting Permai Resort

      Thank you for writting in regarding orchid flowers. There are too many species available, please view at our blog page about orchid farm, It may give you some tips and ideas of what you are searching.



  5. Francis Xavier Says:

    Iam starting a orchid farm in India . I want to import orchid plants of different verieties from your farm . Please the inform the procedures for the same

    • Hi Francis, There manay variates of orchid , but we wasn’t sure which type is suitable for yr farm. climate change can affect the flowers.
      We can suggest certain type of orchid, pls visit our column for orchid farm to find out more

      • Francis Xavier Says:

        Kindly forward your price list for different sizes of plants , minimum qty order ,packing and other terms and conditions


  6. mahiyudin Says:

    Do you have any vanilla orchids?
    If so, how mature are these & do you do commercial propagation?

  7. Wee Ngai Khay Says:

    Hi I am interested to visit the orchid farm this month on 23 April 2012 ad want to enquire on the direction there. I am not driving so what are the types of transport I can take to the orchid farm?

    thank you.

  8. Kindly forward more pricing details about the flowers. Can i pay a visit to your farm? I’m from PJ. Thanks

    • Hi paul

      The pricing of each type of orchid is from RM 35 – 200 depending the spices and size
      Sorry, We are not able to disclose here, but you will get a better price on the farm

  9. ganada naman lahat nag orchid

  10. Robert Tan Says:

    Hi, i passed by your farm on the bus too and from genting resort.
    I would like to visit the farm on my next trip to Genting Resort. What means of public transport could i use to visit the farm from Genting Resort.

  11. Hi, do you assist tourist in getting permit to ship out orchids? I am planning to visit Malaysia for a short stay. I am wondering if I can bring home orchids. Please advise. Many thanks

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