Campsite and Waterfall at Batang Kali- Genting Highlands

Batang Kali- Camp site

This is a wonderful place for family outing, camping and day picnic. You will find alot of people during the weekend and holidays.

Batang Kali stream is very refreshing and have many interesting sights. The water can be very strong during rainy season.

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2 Responses to “Campsite and Waterfall at Batang Kali- Genting Highlands”

  1. macamna nak pergi tempat ni from kl?
    ade sediakan map x?
    Saya bercadang nak pergi tempat ni mase chinese new year ni.

    • Selamat Page, Encik affaisruff,

      Dari Kl, kamu boleh naik bus dari PUDURAYA BUS STATION.

      DARI KL ikut Jalan Raya Karak, lepas Tol Gombak terus ke Genting Highlands

      GEnting Permai Resort, terletak sebelum di Gotong Jaya

      Map ada di . check kat contact page ada icon utk map and dan boleh print

      Tel contact resort: 0361003900 sila hubungi reception utk booking

      Masa Chinese New Year, apt masih adalah lagi. Tapi Harga Super peak (Sat/Sun/Monday)

      Sekain Terima kasih

      Thomas See

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